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Markus Prange
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Hallo zusammen,

Ich habe bisher einen S8 genutzt und bin eine Zeit bei Denon hängen geblieben. Möchte wieder zurück wechseln. Kann ich auf den neuen Kontrollern (S4 MK3) immer noch mapping für die Tastenzuweisung durchführen? Speziell kann ich einen Drehregler für die Tonhöhe mappen?

Danke und beste Grüße


  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Hello everyone,

    I've used an S8 so far and got stuck with Denon for a while. Would like to switch back. Can I still map for button assignments on the new controllers (S4 MK3)? Specifically, can I map a pitch knob?

    Thank you and best regards

    hello and welcome back ti Traktor. I too tried Denon for a while but I realised I love Traktor.

    I know it suck’s but this is a English only forum. I used google translate.

    yes the s4 can be midi mapped. There are in existence. There are some really talented mappers on here @Stevan and others who have modded the qlm files. I have the s4mk3. I really like it. I have Joe Easton QLM mod, with Tekken s4 mk3 tsi and also two f1, one with Stevan ultimate f1 mapping and also a pattern player tsi. Very cool

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