Kontakt (6)'s Sample Editor locked in professional libraries?

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Whenever I try to edit a sample from a NI library, I am unable to use the Edit and Transform functions such as Cut, Delete, Fade In, Normalize,..., they just not do anything.

This happens with other third party libraries as well, but not when I load my own samples and edit them from scratch. Not sure if it is any relevant, but I am otherwise able to edit start and end points as well as loops.

Is the reason the sample editor is locked in professional libraries in order not to modify their original samples?

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    Editing of bought libraries is limited compared to personal instruments

  • stephen24
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    If a library is compatible with Player, Kontakt (even the full version) will not allow you to modify the samples in any way, or even move them by saving. (You can of course move them outside Kontakt).

    If you are given a choice, always opt for the non-Player version of a library.

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    Pro libraries are locked because they are not yours to edit - you only pay a fee for the right to use them as is.

    No third party developer (or even NI themselves) are going to let us dive in there and start manhandling their internal stuff for export, manipulation and so on.

    Plus it's almost a guarantee if one with limited Kontakt knowledges starts hacking around in a library - it will most likely take about 30 seconds for something to go wrong and could render major parts of the library inaccessible, cause bizarre scripting or sample missing errors or just fail to load.


  • stephen24
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    Embarking on pretty much anything without knowing what you're doing is likely to lead to disaster.

    Instruments in some libraries are completely locked, so if one of them needs a tweak to meet your requirements, or has just been incompetently programmed, tough luck.

    Our friend is not asking about this, however - he's asking about editing samples, the rules for which I have explained above.

    (Incidentally if you have Kontakt 4, the library is I think the same except that the samples are accessible for editing)

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    A workaround is to resample or record the unprocessed sample to DAW using the play button in Kontakt's Wave Editor. Then in Mapping Editor use "Exchange sample..." and change to the newly recorded sample. Then you will have all the wave editing functions enabled in Kontakt.

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