s4mk3 increased load.Is it normal??


Hi.Recently i bought a s4mk3 and i see that randomly the load is increased too much close to be red.Its something that not happening when i use my A6 with x1mk2 or cdj400 and 350 and they play fine at 512 latency.I use the s4mk3 in a hotel playing chill music but i am afraid that in ''harder'' use like dancing bar (with effects and hot ques ) i will have cracking audio issues. Is it normal this increased load?Is something affect the controller like the other ni drivers(s3 ,s2,a8-10 )that are install with traktor?I am using a windows 11 x64 laptop 10 gent i5 16g memory.


  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 Member Posts: 493 Guru

    Shouldn’t be too high on load meter. Take it you done the usual windows bloat ware removal and optimising? If not do a search on that one. Plus see if drivers and firmware is updated. I’m on a Mac so I’m not much use but others here have windows and s4 mk3

  • christoss21
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    Yes i have done the usual optimization for windows.Also i know some other people in dj groups in Greece that have same issue and sometime worst and with newer laptops.Load Its not up all the time it goes randomly up and the lowest point is higher than using a6 or cdjs.Could be the type of s4mk3 asio driver?I have also instal cdjxdj pioneer asio driver but i dont thing to be the problem

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