Polyphonic External CV control

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New Here Hi! I love NI software.

I was experimenting with perhaps making a polyphonic external CV controller for a multivoice external modular system and wanted to ask the community if anyone forsees issues with things like tuning, voice handling, or anything else. I have used blocks to control externally monophonically by sending CV thru lightpipe to my expert sleepers ES-3 Module, but I am a pretty basic Reaktor user so I am still learning about polyphony and voice handling with this system.

Just wondered if anyone else had worked along these lines. I like ableton CV tools but just wondered if I could get more customization in Reaktor. Anyone tried this?



  • Paule
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    First: Blocks are monophone

    Second: Voice handling is inside Reaktor without access by the user

  • Murat Kayi
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    Yeah, when I read what you want to do I immediately thought that VCV Rack might be a better choice as it's easy to set it to work polyphonically

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