Maschine Plus with other midi controllers (third party)

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Hello everyone,

I have a question, I have a maschine plus and I would like to add another set of 4x4 or at least 4x2 pads in standalone.

I have a maschine mk3 and this can be achieved with the use of a computer. Having maschine plus in controller mode and maschine mk3 in midi mode.

However, I want to achieve this with my maschine plus in standalone mode (no computer) but I have already consulted with native instruments and a maschine mk3 or a maschine mikro mk3 cannot be connected to the plus in standalone mode.

Does anyone have a recommendation of which maschine plus compatible device to add pads to?

I was thinking of the launchpad, akai lpd8, akai mpd218 or even the ones with keys like the akai mpk mini mk3 or the arturia minilab 3.

But I wouldn't want to buy one to find out they aren't compatible.

Thank you



  • LostInFoundation
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    Any class compliant device (meaning it doesn’t require drivers) will work.

    About the ones you named, it depends on what you will use it for primarily. If you are intentioned in finger drumming, one with good pads would be better. If you want to have a keyboard to play keys and maybe some knobs to control macros/volumes without “switching pages” on the M+ itself, of course one of the keyboards would be the best choice. A controller like Launchpad will be more suited for tasks like Scenes/Lockstates launch.

    Probably the ones that “expand” more what you can already do with M+ would be a keyboard, if you don’t feel comfortable playing instruments like pianos on M+ pads

    But all of them can accomplish all the tasks, so the choice is up to your preferences

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