Feature Request - Add pitch spread to the sine bank module.

Michael O'Hagan
Michael O'Hagan Member Posts: 92 Helper
edited June 2023 in Building With Reaktor

I am currently working on a project using the sine bank module and I'm hitting a wall of sorts as the sine bank does not naturally support unison spread/de tuning.

It's a full stereo oscillator but it cannot seperate pitch or ratio between the left and the right, so if I want to do unison spread I have to use 2 stereo voices and manually separate the left from v1 and the right from v2 and mix them together to create a stereo unison field.

if there were a new "Spread" input at the bottom of the sine bank module it would solve this issue, as it stands now creating unison spread manually through using two stereo voices is taking up twice as much CPU as necessary.

Please update the sine bank to have a built in left/right spread input.

Being a full stereo oscillator but missing this function seems incomplete.


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