Kontakt 6.8.0 "Kontakt 7 available" message

krabbencutter Member Posts: 4 Member
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A whole minor release just to add a constantly nagging "Kontakt 7 available" UI element in the top right corner, I can't even ...

What if I already own Kontakt 7? What if I still need to use Kontakt 6 because of legacy projects? What's next? Kontakt 6.9.0 with full screen pop up ads everytime you open the UI?



  • corbo-billy
    corbo-billy Member Posts: 83 Helper

    I admit I was surprised by the content of this update since I already have KONTAKT 7: so I didn't do anything!

  • Isotoxin
    Isotoxin Member Posts: 117 Helper

    Looks like some sort of late April 1st joke.

    You guys have a mobile phone?!? Yay!

  • nico5
    nico5 Member Posts: 49 Helper

    ... I have to admit, that kind of behaviour by the new NI saddens me immensely. 😪

  • kerrysmith
    kerrysmith Member Posts: 9 Member

    This is indeed a disappointing move, especially since I also own K7. I was hoping that the change was an interpretation layer, allowing our sessions with hundreds of K6 (ie - KONTAKT, know?) instances to open them in K7. sigh.

  • Super Pants
    Super Pants Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Wow, what a cheap move on NI part. Nobody want's to know there is a new version EVERY TIME you use the plugin. And furthermore, just fix the damn GUI. It's 2023 and still it's font is barely readable.

  • Rolando 60
    Rolando 60 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Frage:ist die Version von Kontakt 7 eine Vollversion,oder nur der Player?

  • bmanic
    bmanic Member Posts: 3 Member

    This just shows what kind of company Native Instruments is now. This is what happens when a bunch of investment suites take over legit good brands. It's destruction of what made the company great. Greed is the root cause of everything wrong in the world. Prime example right here.

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