Native Access - Download REPEAT FAIL

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Native Access 3.4.0 -

Content Download REPEAT FAIL -

Suspect Native Instrument SERVER BUG:(

So I purchase/upgrade to NI Komplete 14 CE and EVERY single other instrument/expansion/product will install EXCEPT for 1...

Symphony Series Brass Ensemble...

Symphony Series Brass Ensemble ****** out downloading at EXACTLY 10.57GB, have cleared/removed the iso folders that get stuck at 10.57GB and redownloaded again, it just won't download the installer beyond that point again> Have tried this repeatedly over several days the results do not differ...

This process/result can be repeated with the exact same results on Mac OS 13.4 on Native Access 3.4.0

[have submitted a ticket but flip only knows how busy NI are at the moment with their biggest sale of the year on, should be waiting for a while on a response:(

anybody else experiencing THIS BUG?


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