Disk Overloads in Kontakt; SSD only at 35%

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I'm running a project right now, where I have around 7-8 instances of Kontakt, and I'm getting disk overloads.

Now, I got disk-overloads starting from blank slate as well, playing only one instrument. Notes would cut off and not sustain (same issue now with multiple Kontakts), and I had to open the VST editor and play notes a few times to resolve it. Now, it's not being resolved.

The Disk indicator in Kontakt flashes red at both 0% and at 100%, yet Windows and Ableton reports 35%.

Also, instruments are extremely slow to load, and sometimes make Ableton go unresponsive, causing me to force close.

Could really use some advice.



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    there is a preload buffer setting, with an SSD you can try to lower the buffer size step by step - maybe till 8kB if i remember correctly.


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