Maschine Jam colouring buttons

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What is the way to set colours to Maschine Jam? I want to map it to traktor (by the way, a mapping for 3 or 2 pro would be much appreciated) but don't know how to set colours to the buttons.



  • Stevan
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    What I suggest is Indexed mode. (look inside Controller Editor options for the4 LED).

    That will allow you to control the color by sending the velocity values from Traktor (rater than configuring colors inside the Editor and MIDI IN setting).

    What your mapping looks like though?

  • WarriorLite
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    OK, thanks. I will explore this.

    What will it look like?

    Four decks, page changing, hopefully, only on encoders.

    Encoders main page for four filters and four volume faders. change page to access effect control

    8x8 matrix evenly for 4 channels

    again 4 to 8 cue points, beatjump by 1, loop at 4 beats, :2 lenght and *2 with shift, jump loop forward by 1, 4, 16 with shift backward

    2 effects on/off per each deck

    load into each deck, play/pause

    deck select

    encoder for browsing, with shift for seek

    That's still less than 64 buttons.

  • Stevan
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    Sounds good.

    Note that the SHIFT button is not midi capable. I used the SELECT button for that purpose instead.

    Cool thing is that touchstrips have built in modifier (via pages) so no need for a software modifier for that.

    Love Maschine JAMs. My favourite button controller - so much mapping potential in there.

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