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Just bought Ultimate - mainly for Piano Colours, Mysterio and the Light Collection tbh - but am interested in some better orchestral sounds that those that come with Kontakt 7 factory. So I have:

Emotive Strings

Action Strings 2

Session Strings 2

Symphony Essentials (various)

Session Horns Pro

Stradivari Violin

I don't have space to install them all and guess there is a lot of overlap - more interested in playable instruments (with the keyboard) than phrases so that may rule out Emotive Strings and not sure I really care about having a Strad, but otherwise I have too many options. What's the diff between them?


  • Paule
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    A piano with low space is pianoteq by Modartt.

    The actual version is 7, but it's enough for me to own version 6.

  • Kymeia
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    I have that thanks Paule but it's not really what I'm asking about (which is what are the differences between all these similar sounding libraries?)

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    I don't know about all of them, but there are significant differences between Session Horns and Session Strings Pro versions are various tools for splitting the range of the different instruments, smart chords in a specific key or creating arpeggios and such as well as a much wider range of presets. I tend to favor 8DIO products for specialized orchestral libraries but I would assume the difference would be somewhat the same with the NI's specialized libraries. For example Action Strings would probably provide presets for different accents, falls, rises or ostinato phrases and the like as well as more depth in the number of strings over a more simple, general purpose library. Emotive strings would probably favor longer and better more fluid presets and large sets of violins, cellos, etc. Both would likely have more functional arpeggiator facilities. But the biggest value would likely be in the presets.

    I'd recommend taking some time and watching the walkthrough videos of these products to see if they would be worth it to you.

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