About high pass filter on multiple tracks or on the bus of those tracks?

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I have many tracks of, say, vocals. The first thing I always do is roll off the low end. Only bass and kits that I refrain. So, instead of 10 tracks of vocals, I send them to a stereo bus. Can I put the high pass filter on that bus to save from 10 instances of it on each track. However, my question is, if I want to add FX on some of the vocals and another for others, if I do that on the tracks, then the high pass filter falls at the end of the chain. It should be at the top, I'm assuming. Or am I wrong?

Failing that, can I put the various FX, different with some or many, can I send it all first to the bus with the high pass filter, then direct that bus to other buses with those track FX with the correct vocal track assigned the bus with it's FX.

Sorry if this is complicated. Hard to expain



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    You can do it like you described, so sending all sounds to a bus and high pass there. BUT if you apply FX like compression or some distortion FX you should high pass before. They could sound different with bass going in from one sound. For example a bass triggers a compressor where you also send other stuff through so it gets modulated mostly by that bass. Unfortunately there is no easy answer for that problem.


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    I'm thinking sub-divide the grouping of tracks (in this case orchestra-strings) into those that could have a common FX theme, for example, a soft reverb, etc., send it to a high-pass filter bus, and add the FX below. I'm resurrecting an old piece of music for a new project and these are old orchestra tracks are Akai samples derived from Giga Studio. They are great sample, very clean but the high-pass was never used in the sample. When I open this old Sonar 7 file it shows I pretty well used a reverb - True Verb - but have definitely upgraded reverb since then. Since this is a chat about recording space, what reverb have you preferred if ever you've worked with strings. As a suggestion, I use Waves R2 Stereo for high pass filtering. It's simple with a menu for high pass filtering along with a few others. One-click wonder. Very simple with lots of room to add a more complex reverb in the chain if more tweaking is required.  Thanks for your comment. Appreciated.
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