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Hi Guys,

I’m pretty sure this topic had to be covered but I had no luck finding it. I’m looking for a good ways of finishing the sketches/projects started on maschine plus at computer.

Notice some people go and edit the project directly from the device in storage mode?

Are there any other cool tricks for this one? Would mirroring the whole Maschine+ lib into pc be good option?



  • tetsuneko
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    I just copy the project(s) from the SD card? I have the M+ factory content (+ the included expansions) also installed on my desktop system.

    Then I open my DAW, insert a VST3 Maschine instace (most futureproof format ATM), route out the audio busses to individual tracks, and perform an arrangement into a MIDI track (using the MIDI note based pattern/scene launching mode). Tweak things from there until I have an arrangement I'm happy with. Then I render out the final arrangement as multitracks, make a new session (possibly using another app such as UA Luna or Harrison Mixbus), import the multitracks and mix.

    I suppose you could skip the bouncing out intermediary stage if you had a fast computer, but I actually prefer the renders, then I have to commit to my decisions, results in less second-guessing at mix time

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