Maschine Plus and komplete integration

Jano Bermudes
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So maschine plus is very cool but there is one fundamental flaw as a performance instrument when using it with Komplete and/or the jam. The fact that it doesn’t allow different focus or views from each attached hardware.

at it’s most simple level there is a need to have komplete s series play keys while the plus controls drum changes. As it stands if I make a drum change and the return to my keys they now focus on the drums, which is a severe limitation for live performance.

anyone have any info on this?





  • D-One
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    The focus system is pretty strict, it was designed with production in mind not really performance so it works in a '1 thing at a time' way...

    But you can have M+ or (any other Maschine) focused on a Drum Group while you play the Keyboard on another separate Pad/Sound/Group, make sure all Drum Pads MIDI "Source" input is set to "None" and the other Pad with the instrument has the KK keyboard as the MIDI "Source" Input, this way the keyboard won't trigger the Drums and vice-versa.

    This only partially works tho, if even that because the keyboard will still focus the screens/knobs on whatever Maschine is focused so even tho you can play both at the same time you can only 'see' and tweak parameters in one, so if you require tweaking a bunch of knobs while you perform it might be a no-go 🤷🏻

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