No more monitor output when using my DAC as audio output, only master

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I have a S2mk3 and a DAC smsl c200 and when i pick the DAC as output device i have the master but not the monitor, there is no headphone to choose. And if i choose the controler as audio device, i have the monitor but no master coming out. the speakers are plug to the DAC and would like it to stay that way if possible. i dont want to have to unplug every time i want to mix.

Thanks a lot for your precious help


  • lord-carlos
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    Traktor natively only supports one audio interface at a time.

    You can get around this with 3rd party software, that aggregates two devices into one. For example asio4all on windows. Mac can also do this without any extra software.

    After you done this, choose the newly create "fake" device in traktor.

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