Playing Stored Audio Clips on KK S49?

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Hello!!! I am a lead singer of a cover band and I’m looking to add the S49 to my arsenal to add great synthesizer effects as well as play audio clips from the keyboard. Can this be done? My band is a 90s alternative grunge band and playing nostalgic clips like the Beevis and Butthead theme song….intro tracks to Tool, NIN etc. I know there are no pads, but can a clip be assigned to a key?



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    Not directly with the Komplete Kontrol software only but with Maschine software it would be possible tho by the sounds of it, something like Ableton Live or Logic would be the better software solution.

    The keyboard itself can do very little until used with software. The included Komplete Kontrol software can load only a single sample or synth at a time so in order to have access to synths and sounds on the fly you need a compatible DAW.

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    I thought the S49 was a synth and not just a midi controller so that it can be used as an instrument without the need for a laptop or iPad. This was my goal to set up a synthesizer and be able to play all of the sounds I needed, either instruments or sound clips on one system.

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    Hmmm, then you thought wrong.

    It is just MIDI, it has some advanced functionality when used with the KK plugin but without that, no it is not a synth and can do nothing at all. This would be further confirmed by simply looking at the back and noticing the lack of any audio outputs, can't be a synth if sound cannot get out :)

    If you are after something with standalone sampling capability, from what you describe the Maschine+ sounds more like what you want.

    Standalone it could play different samples on different pads AND you can connect a cheap MIDI keyboard and use that to trigger things. It has some synth capabilities also, and does not need a PC to work.

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