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Good morning,

Not sure If I selected the correct sub forum.

I need assistance understanding how articulations work in session horns vs session horns pro. It is my understanding that in session horns I have to use multiple tracks in order to apply various articulations to a recorded track.

Session horns pro however has assigned key switches. Does this give me the ability to use various articulations on a single track simply by depressing the appropriate key switch on the note/notes I choose as I record the track?

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Every time you press a key switch, that articulation will be selected (until you press another one and change therefore articulation).

    Key switched can be recorded too

  • RichP
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    But will the initial key switch remain engaged until I switch? Or, can I engage it for one note and release it so that it does not continue through subsequent notes in the line.

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