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Good morning,

Not sure If I selected the correct sub forum.

I need assistance understanding how articulations work in session horns vs session horns pro. It is my understanding that in session horns I have to use multiple tracks in order to apply various articulations to a recorded track.

Session horns pro however has assigned key switches. Does this give me the ability to use various articulations on a single track simply by depressing the appropriate key switch on the note/notes I choose as I record the track?

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Every time you press a key switch, that articulation will be selected (until you press another one and change therefore articulation).

    Key switched can be recorded too

  • RichP
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    But will the initial key switch remain engaged until I switch? Or, can I engage it for one note and release it so that it does not continue through subsequent notes in the line.

  • Hafoman
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    I have the same question. I am in Logic Pro X and I just downloaded SH Pro.

    I am in "Performance" mode and in "Animator". How do I get the phrases to remain different?

    I can only have one at the time. Do I need to have 5 tracks in order to have

    5 different phrases? I saw on YT a guy who could switch phrases in ONE track (Pro Tools).

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    Go into your midi editor in your daw and place a key switch just before the note or notes you want to articulate and then place a keyswitch to revert back to the original articulation IE {non-vibrato or vibtrato}. I can place mutiple keyswitches throughout an entire project using only one instance of Session Horns Pro.

    For example:

    Reaper requires the keyswitches to be in the C0 octave. So I can assign an articulation from C0 to G#0 by simply adding a note in that octave on the midi editor of the daw. This allows me to record horn parts without attempting to use the keyswitches at the same time. After I go back to the lines I add the keyswitches I want. Great for non keyboard players like me.

    You tube videos show people using multiple instances to create articulations. This is not necessary. You can also use the pitch wheel to record doits and falls after you make the initial recording of the lines as well. That's how I do it. Just record the pitch wheel as an overdub.

    Keep in mind, in order to use the keyswitches Session Horns pro has to be in Keyswitch mode in order to select the articulations you want to use. You can record the initial lines in either performance or keywitch mode

    Hope this helps.



  • Hafoman
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    Thank You Rich!

    I will look in to this. Apparently it does not work in "Performance" mode together with "Animation" (?). I have created separate track for each phrase.

    For me as a beginner: the benefit of "Performance" mode is that I can use "ready made" phrases.

    But thanks a lot for taking your time!

    All the best: Hafoman

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