Add MPC3000 engine to sampler

Square Language
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I hear it sounds better than other newer versions



  • RedwardMc
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    They have the mpc60 engine, the original and sounds better than 3000.

  • D-One
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    You really can't go in into what sounds better, it's the same as discussing if yellow is a prettier color than purple.

    There are a lot of myths from that era of drum machines, the 60 was 12-bit so machine emulates that effect as do many plugins but if you notice there's no plugin that tries to emulate the MPC 3000 sound afaik... There's a reason for that.

    The 3000 doesn't have much of a distinctive "sound", what it is known for is the Swing/Quantize, this was said by the maker himself, Roger Linn, it does some stuff like nudging notes back and forth that Maschine cant do but other DAW's can. Even tho this is all verifiable, documented, and discussed to exhaustion many will still argue to death there's a 'magical sound' as people tend to do for music gear.

    This machine has a special place in people's heart also because it was the last MPC Roger Linn worked on and it was designed to neither be cheap nor have any compromises.

    The fact that J Dilla, Dr Dre, and other GOATS used it a lot also contributes to the mysticism, but anyone thinking buying an MPC 3000 will instantly get them to make beats like those people would be in for some real disappointment.

  • Flexi
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    I suspect it is the Brown Burr DACs that people like the sound of on the MPC3000, they are very clean without becoming harsh, which was quite unique in digital back then.

  • DatDudeScrooge
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    Download Air Flavor plugin and use the 3000 emulation in Maschine, problem solved and it sounds 🔥 too

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