No live input signal @ S4 Mk3

Joe P.
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Hello from germany,

I can try whatever I want, but I cannot get a signal from ext. device (e.g. Ipad) via live input on S4 Mk3. Does not work. I tried all your tricks & tipps. Traktor Pro 3 is updatet, Macbook (12.69) is updatet, S4 is updatet, cables are new -- the signal is not going into S4. I tried all 4 channels, Does not matter how my routing is. Do not understand why 🤢 Any ideas where my mistake is? Thank you, Joe

P.S. Traktor Pro 3 -> settings -> audio etup -> "input channel = not supported" is this note important for my problem?


  • Joe P.
    Joe P. Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Hi lord-carlos, hi community, thank you, I just found out the solution this morning. Just wanted to spread it with you guys while reading Carlos` link. It works. I am so happy. What a trip to find out a simple solution. Thank you for your help, Carlos. Best regards, Joe

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    I found my issue...

    windows sound settings-> Manage Sound Devices -> scroll all the way down and check for dissabled devices... If you see Traktor Kontrol S4 in "disabled devices", Enable it.

    And its working for me now .

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    I have this same exact issues but in windows 10. Including the part that says "Traktor Pro 3 -> settings -> audio etup -> "input channel = not supported" 

    Any idea for windows? I feel im overlooking something silly.

    im really puzzled on this one. :(

  • AlexM
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    Hi. I have the same issue about input routing. No inputs are shown.

    Please help, I`d like that microphone is starting to work, thank you. AlexM from Slovenia.

  • lord-carlos
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    What OS are you using? If mac, have you tried the link I send?

    If windows, what driver are you using? ASIO, WASAPI shared or WASAPI exclusive?

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