Musical Note Sheet of Tracks.

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I try learning how to read notes, but I simply find it hard for me or maybe I'm not learning it properly. But for me, a person who can play by sound and not following notes, is able to press a key and have the note presented on a sheet as it is played on a certain software would help shrinking a great amount of time taken to figure out how to write the note on a musical sheet.

I have this idea, where a composing sheet, similar to StaffPad, MuseScorem, etc., that are used on pads, instead is presented on a musical software on a digital audio workstation, where it follows the notes you play after sampling the tracks, and by the end of it you have all the notes of each track or instrument printed on a sheet ready to be read and played by you, other composers and/or students.

For example, take FL Studio as a workstation to create your project, you set the tempo, the beat, and anything prior, and then you upload this software on the platform which follows each track and their notes, whether the key is pressed harder or smoother, the dynamics of the key, and the pedals used to express them. All that is then presented on a sheet that you can pull out telling you exactly where each note is played and how they are played for the reader to understand and review the rhythm of the project. Afterward, the producers can write those notes down without the need to go through each track and each note exhaustingly.

Tell me what you guys think. I hope I'm not overthinking. 🧐


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    I think it is better to do music in any way you like, as long as it works.

    Whether it is with reading notes, playing by sound or even both.

    In some DAW's (like Cakewalk) you even have the feature for viewing the track as the musical score.

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