Source issues? Internal and External will not record at the same time

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In preferences, Mix recorder, the only way I can record from Traktor pro 3 is to have the internal source selected. Also the only way I can record from my external sources is by switching the source to external.

I recently upgraded my computer, reinstalled Traktor pro 3 and can't seem to get both external and internal record at the same time. I know I'm still a beginner at this, I'm pretty sure its an audio setting that I am not setting up correctly because It's recorded both internal and external together on my previous instillation of Traktor pro 3

I tried to explain this issue to the best of my current abilities, help would be much appreciated!

My external equipment is

Boss RC 505 loop station

Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 3 series

Standard Keybord and Microphone

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