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Traktor really needs some form of autosave feature. I don’t have count of how many times I’ve lost all my work in one quick swoop due to some unexpected Windows update or software crash.

Typically, I’ve been casually doing a little prep work throughout the week by having Traktor running so I can pull it up whenever I have a moment. Only to find my PC rebooted on Thursday morning after an update, only hours before its go-live-time. Playlist gone, grid analysis gone, cue points gone. Being right back at square zero as if I’ve done nothing all week. Having to hurry to redo everything and trying to remember what I did and in which order things went.

Seems pretty unnecessary considering most creative software these days has some kind of temporary autosave going. So even if the power suddenly were cut, you could recover most if not all your work. Traktor on the other hand, only seems to save on program shutdown.

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    For now you can map "save collection" on a shortcut, like ctrl + s and press that every once in a while.

    Or right click on the root collection node. Not the same aus autosave, but I think it's a decent compromise if you don't want to close traktor.

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