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I really want a new mixer like my S8 and S5, withough the silly wheels pretending to be a CDJ

Any rumors if NI will bring a beast 4 channel loaded with features like the S8 again?

My wallet is ready NI, it really was a unique product


  • lord-carlos
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    There are no rumors.

    Over a year ago they claimed to be working on new hardware, that is all we know. I would not hold my breath.

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    The market's been crushed by Vanguard. We can't help it

  • Brandon Mozzetti
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    At this point, I think the s8 was truly ahead of its time.

    I am kicking myself for selling mine.

    It would be so perfect for mixing stems that are separated using something like spleeter or RipX DAW. I feel like this could be the future of remixing.

    I really hope NI recognizes this and seizes the opportunity to hog that market share.

  • Patch
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    S8 WAS ahead of it's time. People weren't ready to DJ WITHOUT jogs or records, because they'd always associated that (a mixer in the middle with 2 round things) with DJ'ing.

    Traktors problem was that it tried to leapfrog the competition, but, they overshot. Stems, jog-less controllers, Remix Decks, all awesome, but, the user base just was not advanced/elegant enough to take it on.

    Look at stems now - Traktor tried to implement stems BEFORE stem separation of source audio was possible. Pre-produced Stems files never took off. Franky, they sucked. Who want's to DJ with the equivalent of commercial sample packs? Now look at us Traktor users - we're here with a great feature in Stems DECKS, but, we don't have the tools (in Traktor) to be able to exploit them creatively by separating our own source audio into Stems.

    Traktor Devs did GREAT work, but they over shot.

  • Brandon Mozzetti
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  • viper9711
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    A new S8 with Pitchfaders and big Pitchbend Buttons and bigger Screens in the new look of S4MK3 would be fine

  • Kubrak
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    Yes S8/S5 were ahead of time. But also NI support for STEMs was rather weak. NI SW for creating STEM files have not had much NI love. And why NI has not implemented STEM file creation in Maschine SW?

    Without easy tools to make at least homemade STEMs...... The life for STEMs in Traktor was too hard....

    But, I still like and use S5...

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