Why are my Plugins showing a blank Black screen when I use it in some of my Daws ?

bassplayer Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

When i use Komplete Kontrol and sometimes the other Native Instruments come up with Blank Black Screen, I can trigger and hear the Instruments but can't see the interface screen.


  • Paule
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    We need the name of your OS and daw or you'll get the wrong information for a system you don't own.

  • MyStudioOne
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    Presumably because you might not have the DAW configured correctly? Setup if specific to DAW but in general terms, you need two drivers set up in the DAW for proper use.

    1. Komplete Kontrol - DAW = control of play, record, pause, stop, etc.
    2. Komplete Kontrol - 1 = everything else like keys, screens, knobs, buttons, etc.
  • JesterMgee
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    This is a known problem with some VSTs in KK. Air Music plugins such as Xpand, Loom, Hybrid, loaded in KK within Ableton Live on PC will cause this (also in Cubase I believe but not something I can confirm there). There is also another issue where many VST3 plugins hosted within KK in some DAWs will not even load the GUI at all (Korg, Avenger, Gforce).

    Sorry to say but basically the feedback I have had is they are not activelty working on any fix for any of these issues.... Between the lines it read it as "It doesn't affect our own plugins or our partners, so probably not worth our time to bother fixing it". I don't hold out much hope for any kind of fix myself but would be happy to be proved wrong.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @bassplayer Which plug-ins or presets give that issue exactly? What is your operating system? Can you post a screenshot?

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