Good Timing to buy Maschine Plus?

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Hey guys,

I've been away from music for about two years now so I'm a little out of touch...Im looking for a new sampler/sequencer and Im not a fan of the MPC or the Octatrack. I've historically always had a good experience with anything from Native Instruments. I also like what I see on YT about the Maschine Plus...and I found one for $850, but should I wait? I will feel like a fool if I buy one and the successor to the Maschine Plus comes out this Fall.

Any insight or word on the street that I should know?



  • LostInFoundation
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    No insight from NI. Never. If something new will come, we will know only on the launch day.

    Even If now people will come and speculate

  • Peter Harris
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    I don't think there's any reason at all to think there's a new Plus coming. The existing one is still a great controller. If you get a good deal on a used one, grab it.

  • ozon
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    It really depends on what functionality is more important to you: Sampler or Sequencer.

    The Maschine Sampler (in the software and standalone) is quite limited compared to the MPC. There’s no round robin and no time stretching.

    On the other hand, the Maschine Sequencer and overall workflow is what many prefer over the MPC.

    Traditionally NI offers Kontakt for elaborate sampling which can be loaded into Maschine if needed. However, this doesn’t work for a standalone workflow. You would have to create your sample instruments on the computer and transfer it the M+. Which is quite cumbersome and way more intricate than using samples on the MPC.

  • LostInFoundation
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    I think this is a matter of taste, since I usually use the Maschine sampler (or Audio module for time stretching) over my MPC

    Even the autosampler for creating instruments does look better to me on the Maschine.

    And I use round robin more on a piano roll 😂😂😂

    See? Different tastes, different workflows ☺️

  • PK The DJ
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    not a fan of the MPC

    Any particular reason for that?

    I have a Maschine+ and love it, but some things about it are frustrating. I was very surprised for example that you couldn't browse for samples.

    OTOH my newly purchased MPC X SE has a great browser. You can navigate around your drives really easily and search for stuff, with quick results. You can't mark samples as favourites though, which you can do on the Maschine+.

    Swings and roundabouts.

  • Peter Harris
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    That inability to make favorites was the number one thing that caused me to defect from MPC to Maschine. You'd find a great sound and you might never find it again.

    That and the whole workflow seemed like a throwback to a text-based interface from the 90s. Loved the graphic interface for plugins like Hype when available but it seems so inelegant and aesthetically unappealing on the whole compared to the Maschine ecosystem.

  • Flexi
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    If you like the Maschine workflow, I would suggest to buy now, I (that is my opinion, nothing more) think that the M+ will be a one off, It was designed by a long since gone NI, I don't see an M+2 or Mk4 at this point.

    If you want more power, look at the Akai Force, but it is a bunch more expensive than the M+ is available for, now that they have done the MPCOS updates.

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