Instrument is not in Kontakt.

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nach Computer Update sind meine Instrumente, die auf einer externen Festplatte sind, nicht mehr in Kontakt als installed aufgelistet, und somit auch nicht in Logic aufgeführt. Wer könnte mir helfen?


after computer update, my instruments, which are on an external hard drive, are no longer listed as installed in Kontakt, and therefore not listed in Logic. Who could help me?


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    Ich will auf English antworten, weil das Forum ist English only

    Question is

    “Help, after a computer update my on external HD installed instruments are not listed in Kontakt as installed anymore, and therefore also not usable in Logic. Who can help me?”

    Probably you have to relocate them. You can do it also in Kontakt, but best way (imo) is to open Native Access and check there if they ask to be relocated. If it is the case, point them (again) to the folders on the external HD where they are installed and everything should be back to the normal state

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