Traktor Pro 3 Master Deck Button Unavailable

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Heya folks,

Opened up my Traktor Pro 3 today after a gig heavy period with pioneer for my preferred platform of experimentation, and found that I'm absolutely unable to select any deck as the tempo master. The button is completely greyed out, on all decks, including live decks. Sync still matches tempo, though which deck takes the role of master seems to be arbitrary (whether 2 or 4 decks, local files or streaming). I mean experimentation yes please, but not this kind :(

I have done a google hunt, the land seems barren on this specific issue.

I've fiddled around with the transport settings as well as some others to see If I could trip the wiring so to speak back into normal operation, alas to no avail.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Running V3.6.2 329 on Win 10 X64 V10.0.19044

For my purposes, I'm relatively nomadic and play around with ideas on the go a lot, meaning beatmatching while otherwise not an issue at all, is ***** painful with a trackpad on a bumpy bus, robbing me of precious workflow. Any and all suggestions are appreciated given as I just want to quickly test blend tracks until I find the right ones, leaving me free to have much more fun just actually playing rather than doing track selection once I finally get back to my studio.


  • Markovicz
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    Hi @Sir_Kato,

    I am sorry to hear that! Let's have a closer look: please create a short screen recording that shows your entire Traktor window (including the Global section) while you have two decks playing and are trying to sync them.

    THX in advance!

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