How to get Guitar Rig Pro plugin into MPC 2 software

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Hi I'm very new and have purchased Guitar Rig Pro and MPC 2 software. All I want to do is see the Guitar Rig 6 plugin in the MPC, no idea what the very first step is. I've watched youtube videos showing how to record and they already have a selectable Guitar Rig plug-in on their audio track....I'm like, how do I get it there in the first place? All I can do so far is play guitar rig as stand alone app (which is still very fun) but want to record some stuff.


  • LostInFoundation
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    You go to your Audio track and under Inserts you click on an empty slot and then chose VST and in this list you should find Guitar Rig

  • bradusername
    bradusername Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thank you! I can add the plug in now, but have a couple of new questions. My MPC software is recording the guitar really quiet and I can't get the input signal above -20 DB. I'm using a new babyface pro I'm still trying to figure out. Second question is, when using guitar rig pro 6 as a plug in, is it still controlled via the stand alone app interface? Attaching a couple of screenshots if that helps. Thank you!

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