Best sounds for techno on Maschine



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    @DeepThumb said:

    Now we can add LUNAR ECHOES to that list, though being not that 'dark' ๐Ÿ˜‰

    oh yeah how could I forget this new drop! Demo track 7 ain't bad?

  • Psyearth5
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    You can make something autentic something with your sound because it is easy. For a Dark techno and melodic parts is best to start with Japanese scale and for drums, Bass lines and dark FX and side chain Drones are easy with Maschine. I played with Electron and sound is garage compared to what Maschine is offering, that was conclusion from my friends and me. You can definitely can make Dark techno, creating kicks and percussion to sounds like Maschine is working is like child's play but you have to be honest with what you want. I can give you example fr my live sessions . Best point to start is to first make sounds that you will latter using with Sampler and sample start with longer sounds that are making modulation over it's time so you will have new yet dark sequences , with resampling ( recorded sound play octave lower) it will be rich fat sound. For drums you can make layers to get punchy transient with body of your choice, heavy or light dependending on Bass line , best is to go with heavy kicks with higher Bass lines and vise versa. And you have libraries that will be very helpful. Give your self task to produce with what you have and that way you will get more put of Maschine. Record samples and don't worry just finish your projects , that's what is most important to go further . Don't copy sounds of other Artists and just made something that can fit in existing tracks . That's way for you to succeed because you can't become best over night , try to fit in existing music and always try something new as every Art is looking for something new. I wish you the best.

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