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I would love to see a feature where similar tracks or duplicates of tracks are given the played state check-mark to avoid playing the same tune twice in a mix.


In my use case me & my friends play a lot of back to back mixing on our Traktor setups. That means we are importing a lot of our tunes into each others setups, however we all have similar tastes & quite often we'll end up with multiple or the same tracks, or similar versions like club mix, dub mix etc…

It would be great to see a few different levels for this played state matching, some possible ideas for how this could look in preferences as follows:

  1. Default - this is the default setting & is basically how Traktor works right now (ie no changes)
  2. Match file names & metadata - this mode Traktor looks for exact file name & artist / track name. This means if you accidentally end up with a re-release of a track but under a different label name (or compilation) all those tracks will be given a played checkmark
  3. Match Metadata - this means filenames can vary, however if artist & track name match in the metadata then all those tracks will be given a played check
  4. Strict Mode - this mode means any track with matching Artist & Track Name including any remix are all given a played check. Eg: Track Name (Original Mix), Track Name (Artist Re-edit), Track Name (Radio Edit)

Note that only the actual track that is played should be given a play count increment. This feature would only affect the played state icon.


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