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I've seen discussions that sort of touch upon this, but I'm not sure it was put out for a vote.

So the idea I want to explore is the following: having the possibility to map specific sample selection within the pattern player instead of the existing option that circles within the available samples in the selected kit (using buttons 1 and 2 of the effects unit).

I'm currently working on a Traktor mapping for the Launchpad X which includes specific mappings for the pattern player of all 4 units, and found (to my surprise), that you can directly map the selection of a specific kit of the pattern player. This option is not available, however, for sample selection.

At least as far as I can tell, there is no way in which one can directly select a sample within the kit as can be done within a remix deck under sequencer mode. The current options only allow for the mapping of a single button that either has a 1 or a 0 value, 1 being the value that switches to the next available sample.

I get this design. I believe it's meant to sort of follow the workflow of effects units. However, the pattern player offers many possibilities. As said above, the current mapping options allow for the selection of a specific kit even when the "original" design, circles between kits in the same way as with the sample selection. However, the option to make a specific mapping for the kit selection is there, but not for the sample within a kit (hope that makes sense).

Therefore, having the ability to map a button for specific samples would help a lot with the workflow.

The mapping I'm working on for the Launchpad X (but I can think of a very similar scenario for the F1, for example), would allow me to go to a specific kit at the push of a modifier and a button. However, currently, if I want to go to a clap instead of the clave, I have to look at the screen and circle the list until I find it. A direct mapping availability would make things a lot easier.

This, I believe, would be a nice, and probably easy, thing to include that would also sit well within the F1 users community.

So that's it. Hope this idea finds enough support.

Have a great day!

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