Crashes when importing iTunes to track collection

Morten Thomsen
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Since the latest macOS Big Sur update (11.6.4), Traktor is consistently crashing every time I import my entire iTunes library to the track collection. I get the spinning beachball and macOS say that the application is not responding. I have tried waiting several hours, but it doesn't help, Traktor is not responding and nothing is stored in the crash log.

If I "manually" import the tracks by selecting just a few, it works. It's not related to a corrupt mp3/4 (which was my first assumption), cause I'm able to import all songs since last time it worked.

I'm also experiencing another weird glitch, which might be related. Every time I drag a song from my track collection to a playlist, it will create a duplicate file (if it's already present in the playlist), and when I do a consistency check it will not show the duplicate files - even though when clicking "Show in finder" it will take me to the exact same file.


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  • Matt_NI
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    It seems like you are in touch with our team for this one but we couldn't find a crash log. However, here is some tips they send you earlier:

    Please note that on Catalina iTunes was discontinued by Apple and replaced by the "Music" App, this caused some issues in the Traktor Pro 3 Browser.

    If manually entering some works, it leads us to think that something the inside the folder being scanned is causing the issue. 

    My iTunes in TRAKTOR PRO 3.2.1 Is Empty After Updating to macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

    Regarding the duplicates, the issue you are reporting is a known problem caused on the macOS side of things, it has been reported to Apple already. The double entries originate from the new apps Podcasts and Apple TV. These apps generate their own databases, iTunes / Apple Music shows an aggregated view on all the playlists you have on Music but also the new TV and Podcasts. To avoid duplicate playlists, you need to log out from those applications and remove the duplicate playlists (e.g. "Favorites") from such applications.

    You can right-click your playlist folders in the Browser and choose to remove duplicates.

    You can clean up your track collection by right-clicking the Track Collection folder and choosing check consistency. Then you will have the option to remove nonexistent track or locate missing ones.

    Here you have some useful info as well:

  • Morten Thomsen
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    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your reply! Yes, I created a support ticket.

    I don't have a crash log, as Traktor doesn't crash - it just stops responding (spinning wheel of death). I'm running the latest version of Traktor and it doesn't have issues reading my iTunes library.

    Regarding the duplicates; right-clicking a playlist folder and choosing remove duplicates doesn't remove them, and the check consistency also doesn't "detect them". But when I open a file in Finder, it will take me to the exact same file and I don't have duplicates in my iTunes folder.



  • Karlos Santos
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    I would advise against importing vast amount of music in one go.

    I would do it in sections such as Alphabetically A-D, E-H etc.

    Traktor has always struggled with large imports in fact all DJ software does it if you are importing a lot of music.

    If it still hangs reduced the amount of music by a letter each time until you find the culprit.

    When this happened to me it was a corrupt file that was causing the issue. The file would drag and drop from iTunes and play just fine but it was identified by 3rd party software as corrupt and as soon as I took it out, Traktor imported the tracks.

    Traktor can be a fickle beast at times but that's software for you.

  • Morten Thomsen
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    Thank you for your support Karlos, I really appreciate your time here!

    I have used Traktor since 2005 and played thousands of gigs on it, so I'm not new to the little hiccups that comes with Traktor or any other software from time to time :)

    To give you a little more context, I have a suspicion that it could be related to a fairly new feature in Dropbox, where it can now backup your Music/iTunes folder on macOS. I also believe that the "duplicates" issue and the import is related.

    The issue started after I updated macOS and enabled the Dropbox backup feature - and as I haven't made major changes to my iTunes library and are able to manually import the tracks from after the issue appeared, I find it unlikely that it should be due to a corrupt file (which was also my initial thought).

  • Morten Thomsen
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    Karlos, I just tried deleting all tracks that were added since the issue started and unfortunately it doesn't change a thing - which confirms to me that it's not caused by a corrupt file.

    Any other suggestions?

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