How can I set initial Program Change and Bank to a midi out channel

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I have connected a sound module to my PC. In Maschine, midi is set up. I can play notes on my master keyboard and de sound is played from the sound module.

But how can I set the right patch on the sound module. Like set Program Change, and Bank (MSB/LSB)?

It can be done with automation, but every time it starts the clip. The sound is resetted and interrupted, because the patch is set again.


  • Robert13
    Robert13 Member Posts: 17 Member

    Is this the only way?

  • 2A2E
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    Not sure if this answers you question but maybe you create the first pattern (Or scene) with the program change (and nothing playing) and then switch to the "real" pattern afterwards. If you are creating a song that should not be an issue.

    Something I used to do in the old days, I always had the first bar of a song or arrangement in Cubase containing all the program changes of the MIDI devices. Completely forgot about that 😄

  • Robert13
    Robert13 Member Posts: 17 Member

    With the Macros: only PC is sent, I don't notice any bank changes, if I use the CC0 and CC32.

    I wanted to test it on a Windows PC with Virtual midi and Midi-OX, but I got stuck with The Midi Bug.

  • 6xes
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    if you did a "pattern on" to bring in the patch change... does the patch turn off the moment the pattern is toggled??and again does the resetting of the patch take place if you have turned off the pattern??? or does it remain on??

  • Schmapps1
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    You could create a dedicated group or pattern just for program/bank changes, and then mute it immediately after it triggers your desired change. That way it won’t keep re-triggering and resetting the patch

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