Need help better unserstanding of the settings 48hz or 96hz

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Hi the native instruments traktor audio 2 mk2 has two options: 44hz and the higher 96hz

Sample Rate: Choose a sample rate that is compatible with your music application and best suited to your computing power. A higher sample rate improves the audio quality, but also causes higher CPU load. By default, the sample rate is set to 44100 Hz (CD quality). If you want to use multiple software clients simultaneously with the device, keep in mind.

My music is 48 000 hz can I set the audio 2 mk2 to the higher 96hz or did I need the songs to be at the 96hz? to get the better quality.




  • Kubrak
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    There are many aspects to consider....

    1) You may use 96kHz setting using songs that are 44kHz, PC upscale (recompute) it.

    2) Another aspect is, if it brings any benefit, that is audible at all.

    3) Yet another aspect is, if it brings any benefit, that is audible by "average" listener.


    Ad 2) The whole audio chain has to be appropriate quality, the room acoustically treated and listener very well trained. And recording must be of high quality. Then maybe....

    Ad 3) I guess, 99.9% of population would not hear the difference even on perfect audio chain (worth over several thousand EUR), treated room and perfect recording.... Not speaking about not so perfect audio chain, not so perfect recording....

    Mind that even if audiofile is 96k it does not mean it has been mastered so.

    IMHO, it is not worth it to use TA2 MK2 at 96k. My guess is that there would be no hearable difference. If it cost over 800 EUR, than maybe for 0.1% of population.

  • zephry
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    This setting can also cause your cpu load to have issues. Best thing to do is check what your on-board soundcard is set to and have it the same.

    I have also seen this setting change on it's own when using Wasapi drivers. I have had no luck with Wasapi drivers and changed to the Asio driver for my controller. S4mk3.

    This setting is also set for some controllers and can't be changed. The Traktor S8 controller only uses 48kz.

    @Kubrak ,I definitely agree with your opinion. Many times the music bitrate has been changed by some application to make the quality better. Yet much of the music is originally exported at most 48kz, but most the time 44kz. Especially any dance music.

  • Gonecamping
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    Thank you for your comments. If I was to use the 96hz. Does the computer need any special sound card or anything else to make it better to upscale or is it up to the Native instruments MK2 card.

  • Kubrak
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    The upscaling is performed by computer. In your very case it is just waste of CPU power.

    Anyway, you may try to do blind test. Take high quality looseless 96k recording. And person will play it for you 44, 48, 96 so that you do not know what rate is used right now. And you will try to guess if it is better or worse. Repeat it randomly at least 10 times for each rate, so 30 guesses. I bet, that you will not hear difference/improvement.

  • zephry
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    From what I have experienced the issue is with Windows and using the Wasapi drivers for controllers that I described above. Or certain controllers not allowing a bitrate change.

    The Audio 2 is used also in music production, some producers like to record and work at a higher bitrate during their different stages of production and also depending on software or hardware.

    Most Djing is definitely done at 44kz or 48khz.

    To answer your question I would say it just depends on drivers updates and how good the computer is. (Not necessarily what soundcard the computer comes with). So many things can cause issues with sound especially if you are straining the cpu with a high bitrate like that.

    I guess if it works and sounds good, the cpu doesn't spike, the venue or sound system is high quality. And all tracks are high quality then 96khz is fine.

    I really think @Kubrak explained it best. My input was more of advice to be careful pushing the system and issues I have seen related to bitrate and Traktor.

  • Kubrak
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    TA2 mk2 is just tiny D/A, it has no A/D. Komplete Audio has A/D.

    I agree that recording at higher rates has its meaningfull place in the world. If the equipment is of appropriate quality. Otherwise it is just waste of resources....

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