Recognizing Third Party VSTs

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Cant get Maschine to recognize Apeshyt.dll or renamed Apeshyt.vst3 a Third Party plugin


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    Renamed? If you just manually rename to vst3, it doesn’t become a vst3

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    Actually - funny story. When Steinberg (who invented VST and VST3) first brought out Padshop Pro they did their usual thing of only bringing it out on Mac as a VST3 because as usual they wanted everyone to forget about VST2 and move to VST3. Which was annoying because at the time Komplete Kontrol only supported VST2 and it didn't seem it would ever support VST3. I worked out you could rename the padshop.vst3 to padshop.vst and it would actually load in Komplete Kontrol as a VST2 plugin. Even made a template and saved out NKS patches with it. Which meant basically that the VST2 and VST3 for Padshop at that time were the same thing. Must have been rather embarrassing for Steinberg because they soon fixed it so that trick didn't work but rather amusing and hugely ironic :)

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    There are some plugins which also seem to just "wrap" the VST2 plugin in a VST3 shell so it will work. I think some of the latest Korg plugins will do this, the VST2 plugin is always installed and if you delete it the VST3 does not load as it is dependant on the VST2, i've had another one do the same thing which was a pain when testing VST3 compatibility with NKS libraries because I ahve to remove the VST2 version so like you found, in some cases you can change VST3 to VST2 and it works but unlikely the other way around because VST3 has a different plugin call.

    Are you sure you have the 64bit version installed and not the 32 bit version?

    Unlikely you can rename to vst3 and have it work. If no VST3 is supplied then it is not VST3 compatible but the 64bit should work, reinstall and check where you are installing the 64bit plugin.

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    I suppose you are not talking to me, since I said the same thing πŸ˜‰

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    @TRSpencer Any update?

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