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H. I'm new to Reaktor, and I am following this tutorial (see below)

The Voice Info module as introduced at around 7:00 in, does not output a sequence of voice numbers. Only ever a value of '1'. So it only triggers sample one using data from row one of the table. The number is meant to be used read all four rows of data, assigning a different sample for each row.

The Voice Info module in the tutorial looks different to the one in Reaktor 6.5, so I wonder whether this is part of the problem? The ADSR tutorial is in fact 9 years old.

What do I need to do to get the same functionality in R 6.5, please?

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    Although, one thing to check is what the voice count is in the instrument/ensemble. If you have voices set to 1, then V output of voice info will always output a 1.

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    you are connecting poly signals to mono modules. With a voice count of more than one this is not possible and is shown as a faulty connection (red wires).

    Read up on Reaktor polyphony in the primary manual.

    Little hint: You can extract a mono signal from a poly one with the fr. Voice modules.


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