Locked serials on Hybrid Keys and Loft Glow

Distressed Motion
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So I have purchased the two programs listed above. Now I am having the issue where I have the licenses still, but they won't show up on my second computer in native access. On my first computer that has the two still, it shows up in native access, but it won't let me reinstall. I noticed this after the two plug ins were put on the monthly NI plan. Any suggestions?

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Do you have the same version of Native Access on both computers? The latest builds have these kind of problems at the moment

  • Distressed Motion
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    I indeed do have the same version on both. I went ahead and punched in the serial numbers for them and it said customer support locked the serial numbers. I honestly have never violated any of the contracts so it must have been a glitch. I'm not sure who to contact to fix this problem

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    @Distressed Motion Regarding registration issues, please contact our dedicated supporters here: https://bit.ly/NIsupport_RA

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