When will the problem with playing m4a files (Traktor pro 3 & Win 22 H2) be solved?

Ulli Member Posts: 26 Member

Still problems playing m4a files (Traktor pro 3 & Win 22 H2)

I love Traktor Pro 3 and really appreciate this community.

I am having problems playing purchased m4a files from I Tunes since my upload Win 22H2. 

This problem is known and is being worked on. 

I use the Z1 controller and buy my songs from I Tunes and Bandcamp. I convert the m4a files to wav files.

It is always difficult and cumbersome to do this work, also because my spontaneity in life DJing is limited.

Sometimes I am angry about this situation, sometimes patient or in good hope for change.

Now I would like to know what the state of affairs is:

Can this problem be fixed? When is a realistic time? 

I do not want to choose another DJ program, previously I had Virtual DJ and switched to Traktor out of conviction.

Greetings Ulli


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