Extending release time beyond 25.0k ms in Kontakt

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Kontakt 6

While playing a 2min 30sec .wav file, I can't seem to extend the release time longer than 25k ms. ?

I've also tried trying to change the Release Trigger time, but 25k is it's limit.

Is there a way to accomplish this without using a sustain pedal?



  • stephen24
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    The release time is how long the sound takes to fade out after sending a note-off (or releasing the sustain pedal).

    If you want your 2 1/2 minute sample to play right through you can either send its note-off message after not less than 2 1/2 minutes, or set the sample itself to "one shot" in the Wave Editor.

  • rick_harrington
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    I found "one shot" and selected it. No difference in the length of the .wav

    Couldn't find "Note-off message"

  • Gee_Flat
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    There is a script called 'Midi Latch' in 'Edit' mode. That will hold the note without sustain pedal, and then use the Envelope 'Release' at the Group level if you want to fade the sound when it's finished. I think that will work.

  • stephen24
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    Couldn't find "Note-off message"

    Good solution but it doesn't address the main underlying problem which is that our friend is laudibly keen to try to build or edit instruments but is not not familiar with even the most fundamental aspects of MIDI protocol (how software/hardware devices communicate with each other).

    Rick, if you're going to spend all that cash on this amazing software and want to use it to the full, I would encourage you to spend half an hour or so (no more) boning upon the MIDI protocol - it's not rocket science, and the sort of problem you've just described wouldn't then arise for you. You might even find out about note-off messages.

    (Incidentally I should have mentioned that AHDSR envelopes override one-shot, and need to be bypassed or deleted)

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