Kontakt factory library 2 keeps failing when trying to download

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Hi Everyone, Is it just me or are there many others having problems downloading Komplete 2 library. I've been speaking to support trying to solve this issue now for nearly 2 months can you believe it. I suggested hey guys just put it on a drive which Im happy to supply and send it to me or break up the 34gb into smaller chunks so I can download it that way. They say can no do.....Can no do or couldn't be assed to make a client 100% satisfied. Is it that inconvenient for them. Tried to download on other computers and download in various formats but nothing. I have read others have had this same issue. Just wondering how common it is. $899 spent and Ive got 34gb missing and what do native instruments think about that? I've always said the way a company is run starts at the very top. If I was the head of a compny like this I would make certain my customer is 100% satisfied always, therefore ensuring I continue to get their business. If I couldn't deliver on that then I would return the portion of money they had worked hard to make to buy the product in the first place. That's called integrity and that is my standard. So what's your native instruments? Is money more important to you than me? Sadly I think I know the answer. I hope I don't sound a little annoyed, I'm a lot more than that actually. Mr Yeah


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    I don't see anything wrong with what you suggested, but neither you or I know what might be involved in doing that sort of thing and what would be required as far as logistics and support given a very broad range of users and products. Doing it just this one time isn't an option. Once they do it for you they have to be able to do it for anyone.

    It's nice having high idealized customer service standards when you're not bearing the responsibility for ongoing support and costs that might go along with it. As a customer who's never had any problems with downloads of NI libraries I would never need such a program and I wouldn't be very pleased if a program such as that caused NI to increase their prices due to increased costs.

    Of course you could always simply pay some local PC tech and repair organization locally to do the download onto a drive for you.

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    Thank you for your reply. I agree, if they do something for one then they'll have to do it for everyone else. Of course they could always consider designing their products better so they would not have to deal with these sort of problems in the first place and therefore freeing up their time a little more. My problem is not an isolated case, it's happening to many users......How would you feel for example if you brought a new car and everything looked good until you put your foot on the accelerator and it got stuck. Would you expect the company you just brought it from to fix it or be told to take it to a mechanic and pay him to solve the problem. It's not unreasonable to pay for something and expect it to work. It's ok for you because you haven't had a problem....yet. I hope you don't ever have to go through this because if you do you may not defend their position quite as much next time around. But hey thanks for taking the time to reply, no one else and I appreciate that. And I will take your advice and spend 75 bucks and take it to a tech guy....wish me luck.

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    You could ask them to upload it for you on Google Disc, they do it with some current libraries. I have downloaded 25 GB+ this way, so 34 GB should not be a great deal....

    BUT, there is another problem.... Komplete 2 is pretty old (20 years or so) and NI has stopped authorisation of handfull of legacy plugins few years ago. :-((((


    So, it is very questionable whether you would be able to use it even if you have installation files....

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    @Yeahbear I see my colleagues provided links but you had issues downloading them. Did the last one finally work? I've edited your title as it's about the Kontakt Factory library 2 and not Komplete 2, to avoid confusion here.

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