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MK2: How to load a kit and try out different patterns

Junolab Member Posts: 6 Sine
edited March 2022 in Maschine

Hi all, I recently bought a used Maschine MK2 to use for some beats.

I think I understand the majority of how it works, yet I've not figured out how to load patterns. I do know how I can load a project and then switch around with the various patterns, but how do I simply load a kit and then shuffle through some predefined patterns (basically make a pre-made custom loop)?

My goal is to load a kit and then try out the various patterns from either the included package or from an Extension, but without loading a full project.



  • Olihop
    Olihop Member Posts: 122 Tri


    Patterns are attached to groups.

    So you can't load patterns in an existing group without loading its group.

  • Junolab
    Junolab Member Posts: 6 Sine

    Thanks! Odd decision by NI to not allow it to be separated. Feels like the sounds and hardware is great but their software solution is severely lacking unless one wants to use the Maschine software on its own. Bummer

  • Olihop
    Olihop Member Posts: 122 Tri

    Yes, the hardware is excellent, but the software still needs improvement. In the last five years the evolutions have been timid. Still a lot of requests for features that remain in the closet.

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