Midi Assignment Editor isn't there I need it! How can I get it?

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I need to assign some midi CC to some of the knobs on my controller. The manual says I need to open the assignment editor. My controller is plugged in and turned on. Why can't I access the editor?

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  • Kymeia
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    Do you have a NI controller connected? If you do it should show up where it currently says MIDI

  • LostInFoundation
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    Is the keyboard in midi mode?

  • JesterMgee
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    Seems your keyboard is not detected by KK if it is plugged in and switched on... That MIDI button you see only shows when no KK keyboard is connected allowing a 3rd party keyboard to be connected and mapped so you will need to troubleshoot why your KK keyboard is not being detected. Check the MIDI preferences of KLK, do you see your keyboard listed as a MIDI device?

  • jackasspenguin
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    Hi! Well, I took the M32 out to a different machine in my backyard studio and it worked on that machine.

    So.....maybe it's the cable? I don't know but I'm using a different computer and cable. At least that aspect seems to work. At any rate.....yeah so I made a template for both my Roland JX-3P and my JX-8P...set a few knobs on the first page to correspond to what I wanted to control. I never could get either to work though. It seems like it should work. The only thing I got to work was in Cakewalk, I was able to draw in the midi CC and control the filter cuttoff, Resonance etc. But I never could get the knobs to control anything at all. Another strange thing was the m32 keyboard wouldn't play the jx-3p. I tried everything. But when I connected the 8p it seems to work. I know this is beyond the scope of my problem. But the 3p does send midi for playback and recording. Surely, I should be able to send midi on off from the m32 to make it sound. I have an older maudio controller I'm going to try tomorrow to see if I make any better progress! Thanks Jester

  • Jeremy_NI
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    If the keyboard is not recognised by your computer please check that article: My KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboard Does Not Start

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