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Hello, I like the library Rounds although fantastic, its sounds are below the standard in sound quality, not being an expert I have many complications to mix and master my tracks, that's why I ask you for help with this synth, It's the main one, and I really like to give it a current standard sound. Could someone do it?

this is the sound without any plugin

Thz !!!


  • MyStudioOne
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    NI gives you a suite of effects plugins for DAW use which you can use to add that little something you are looking for. Depending on the version of Komplete software you own, you'll have something akin to this (Studio One 6 screenshot)...

    If you happen to own Ozone 10 standard, try adding this as a plugin on your rounds instances. The difference is marvelous for individual channels or mastering your entire track. But certainly you can work with all the NI effects plugins to achieve improved results to your taste.

  • mutoit
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    thanks, u think i need all those plugins for that single song ?

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