How to get KOMPLETE 13 SELECT for S-SERIES instead of version 14 that was automatically assigned?

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I recently exchanged piece of my studio Komolete Kontrol S61 MK2 mostly as this whas in package with KOMPLETE 13 Ultimate Upgrade on hardrive.

Keyboard is great, love integration with my Arturia plugins. However, when I wanted to install Komplete Ultimate 13, using a transfer token generated, I got an error - No base product found. I checked my licenses and I found that I was automatically upgraded to KOMPLETE 14 SELECT - and this is a root case. I need to have KOMPLETE 13 SELECT at my account first to be able to activate the Ultimate package.

I contacted support for 48hrs gone an no RE.

Can anybody here help me? I see two options:

  • either get KOMPLETE SELECT 13 for S-SERIES
  • or get some kind of upgrade account version 14 for Ultimate.

Thank you


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  • Kubrak
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    You cannot get K13S for S-series easily. It comes with S-series and new owner gets always current version (K14S now). You might buy older Komplete Select.

    In case, you have bought KK S61 secondhand, and seller has K13S (or older), he might ask NI to transfer to you also this licence. NI has done similar thing for me when I had GR5 bundled to HW and user wanted specificly GR5 and no GR6. I sold hin my HW, but he received GR6 instead. I have asked NI to transfer him also GR5 that stayed on my account. NI did it on request.

    I guess NI will resolve it somehow, it just takes time... They generally reply in 1-3 days. Also, have you received confirmation email, that your Ticket have been received? Requests sometimes get lost somewhere on the way to NI information system.

  • lifelies
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    Answer ✓

    Solved by support thx

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