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I noticed that as soon as I put a Maschine 2 plugin on one track, it takes over the Maschine mk3, and the transport controls stop working for Logic. If I add a second instance of the plugin, that one takes control of the mk3, even when I have the other one selected. I can go to the Controller dropdown in an instance to select the mk3, which seems to work, but it's tedious.

How I would like (and expect) it to work is that I would put instances of the Maschine 2 plugin on some tracks, and while I have one of those tracks selected (or the plugin open/focussed), the browse etc all work within that plugin, and the transports stay global. Can this be done?

I'd also like to be able to record the pads (even with groups) into logic, and have the plugin play it back. I understand that with groups, each pad is basically its own midi track which complicates things, but surely there's some workaround for this, especially since they tout an advanced integration. I just tried recording a beat into a maschine plugin instance and dragging that into logic, which kinda works, but it creates a bunch of new midi tracks that are not assigned to maschine.

Any advice? Thanks!


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