Kontakt 7 crashes while loading Getgood Drums

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Hello everyone :) 

Unfortunately I have the following problem: 

My Kontakt 7 player keeps crashing when I open the " One Kit Wonder-Pop Punk". It does not open(it Shows a little "Loading Screen" and then it crashes/closes) , either in stand alone or in the DAW. The same happens with the "One Kit Wonder- Architects" . I have reinstalled the Kontakt Player as well as both One Kit Wonder several times. Always the same problem. Unfortunately, the Pop-Punk set can not be played through the Kontakt 6 Player. I am really depending on your help. 

Someone whos had These Problems and know how i can fix this?

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Va5co What if you open it in Kontakt 7 in standalone?

    Are you using Kontakt 7 in Logic with multiple outputs?

    Have you tried these steps? KONTAKT Crashes


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