Allow Beat Grid cue marker to be #8

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It would be nice if the automatic beat grid marker wasn’t always Hot Cue #1. That’s prime real estate on most hardware controllers. I would rather reserve the first 4 cue points for my chosen hot cues since controllers like my X1 usually show 4 hot cues without hitting shift (or similar key).

In my track prep workflow, I end up manually changing all of my grid markers to hot cue 8 so they’ll be more “out of the way” but it would be nice to easily enable that to happen automatically via Traktor Preferences.

This seems like it would be a very easy feature to implement since it seems to only involve changing one value in the track data in the collection nml (xml) file. I tested this by replacing the values in an xml editor and when I reopened Traktor the grid cues showed up at #8 position.

Does anybody else think this would be helpful? seems it would take a near trivial amount of time for a Traktor developer to implement.

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