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I recently briefly tried Rekordbox before returning to Traktor which suits my overall needs better. One feature I really liked in RB though was that you could set a loop cue point that would automatically activate when the track reached that point while playing. This is especially useful as a safeguard to prevent a track running out or to freeze a track in a looping state before it would reach a segment I really dislike.

I don’t think this auto-activation of loops is possible in Traktor and it would be a nice feature that would be distinct from the current Loop cue type which is more of a performance feature — designed to jump there as a hot cue and start looping on demand.

It might be easier to implement as a new cue type rather than an attribute on the Loop cue type the way it appears in RB, and having a different type would also allow a different color to visually distinguish an on demand loop from an automated loop.

would anybody else find this useful? I couldn’t find a previous request for this feature, so thought I’d post it.


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