Have issues with content paths in Native Access that I can't seem to resolve.



  • andrewx
    andrewx Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    For me, it's working until the next system reboot. Even if I create a startup script and the drive is mounted automatically by the "net use" command, NA2 shows all paths as broken. Then I need to manually delete and mount (by using the "net use" command) again to make this work. It is very, very annoying; it should be resolved somehow.

  • Gabrielsburg
    Gabrielsburg Member Posts: 8 Member

    I had totally missed some of the follow up comments here, but I'll give these ideas a try during the holidays if I can find time.


    NI could just fix this. 😡

  • Billy D
    Billy D Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    I uninstalled Native Access 2, and reinstalled and older version. I was able to install all the programs that weren't installing. The one program that still didn't install I found the download folder where it was located and I unzipped the file and installed it myself. That's how I got around the file location error.

  • Gabrielsburg
    Gabrielsburg Member Posts: 8 Member

    That's essentially what I ended up doing initially -- rolling back to NA1.

  • ozark2001
    ozark2001 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Having a normal Home Theater NAS from Qnap and using Native Access 1, I can confirm that it works perfectly fine loading ANY library so far into Kontakt 7 under Ableton. No 10GB network here either, just 1GB, running everything (that is the whole Ableton project) from that NAS too. I assume people who decide to utilize a NAS know a bit or two about it and advantages/disadvantages. Therefore NI should definitely turn this non-sensical check&denial OFF again and let the user decide whats best.

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