Komplete audio 6 channel 3-4 sounds distorted/louder

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I'm running OSX 12.6.3 M1 mac, I have a Komplete audio 6 mk2, I was trying to record traktor using an external mixer when I noticed that the channels sound different, I have replicated the issue using logic and swapping the channel outputs from 1-2 to 3-4 and the same thing happens.

I tried swapping the TS to rca cables around and it was the same.

Also sounds the same from the speakers, so it's not the return input recording/mixer settings.

Also if I open the audio midi utility none of the options are available to change any settings like volume etc.

Are my channels 3-4 just busted?

Does anyone else have options to change anything in audio & midi app?

I've hardly used this device 😭

I've attached recordings of both channels, had to zip them, also uploaded to drive if people don't like zip

tks Carrie

hardware Firmware is updated to 0.3.6

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    Thanks Jeremy, I guess I have one of those lol, the TRS converter + RCA worked, also worked slightly pulling out the TS lol. anyway all good, thanks.


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